Arborist Evaluation Services

  • performed by an ISA Certified Arborist
  • by scheduled 30-45 minute appointment
  • uses the Basic Visual Assessment method to identify tree or shrub species in consideration of: form, health and structure; utility; growing conditions and past practices
  • verbal recommendation and for development of proposal for care services. 
  • standard residential lots
  • $89 fee: greater Kalamazoo and Portage area including: Comstock, Galesburg, Mattawan-east of VanKal, Parchment, Plainwell, Otsego, Richland. 
  • $120 fee: Augusta, Climax, Delton, Hickory Corners, Lawton, Mattawan-west of VanKal, Paw Paw, Martin, Schoolcraft, Scotts, Shelbyville and Vicksburg. 
  • $160 fee: Allegan, Delton, Lawton, Marcellus, Three Rivers, Battle Creek, Lawrence. 
  • Evaluation fee paid at completion of service by check or online payment from emailed invoice and may be credited towards contracted services. 

Arborist Phone Consultation Services 

  • performed by an ISA Certified Arborist
  • by scheduled 10 – 15 minute appointment 
  • uses a brief discussion combined with customer emailed photos to offer a limited verbal recommendation or identification of  
    • common tree, shrub or vines 
    • commonly occurring insects, diseases and abiotic disorders of woody plants 
    • general tree or shrub maintenance, selection or establishment 
  • $39 fee paid online from invoice at time of service

Arborist On-Site Consultation Services

  • performed by an ISA Certified Arborist
  • using various specified methods to develop a verbal or written opinion relating to 
    • Tree Risk Assessment 
    • woodland habitat condition
    • tree preservation for construction 
    • landscape tree or shrub appraisal 
    • selection, establishment or maintenance specification 
  • by scheduled appointment and after scope of opinion and price of service has been proposed and agreed upon. 
  • serving Kalamazoo, Portage and Southwest Michigan

Arborist Care Services

  • performed by, or under the supervision of, an ISA Certified Arborist
  • proposal based on Arborist evaluation recommendations or a determination from an scheduled appointment .
    • pruning 
    • removal 
    • fertilization 
    • supplemental support 
    • treatment
  • performed in accordance with the ANSI A300 tree care standard, ANSI Z133.1 tree worker safety standard and MIOSHA Part 53 tree worker safety standard
  • Arborist Services of Kalamazoo, LLC is fully insured
  • serving the greater Kalamazoo and Portage area
  • by scheduled appointment
    • fee may be credited to proposed services (see above fee schedule by location) if recommendations are required to propose care services.
    • no fee appointment if recommendations are not required to propose care services. (Does not apply to Allegan, Delton, Lawton, Marcellus, Three Rivers, Battle Creek, Lawrence) 

Contact us today – call 269.381.5412 to request a scheduled appointment for evaluation, consultation or proposed care with an ISA Certified Arborist from Arborist Services of Kalamazoo, LLC.